Zine and Nini met in London in 2011, on a London dancefloor. 

A month later Zizanie was born.

What started as a series of pop-up sourcing cool independent brands and rare ethnic pieces, grew into an eclectic brand. 

Today our collections are all designed in house, but our ethos of bringing in inspirations from all over the world remains.

Zizanie is the story of our friendship. A celebration of our endless love of travel and adventures.

Our pieces are thought for women with wild spirits and kind hearts.

Daring and instinctive, caring and cool. 

Women who love to look dazzling but do not believe in spending hours getting ready. Women who never compromise on comfort, because they know they look their best when at ease. 

Bold prints, unexpected use of textures and ultra-flattering fits, come together in confident and carefree silhouettes, that are as daring and unapologetic as they are lightweight and effortless. 

Free from fashion rules or calendars, we make clothes that can be worn day to night, summer or winter. We seek to make cool pieces that can be worn over and over again and styled many ways: shiny essentials that will make any outfit look WoW.

Our passion for rare, precious fabrics and out of this world craftsmanship made us create a Unique and Rare category alongside our collections:

Unique or rare pieces that stand on their own, to make you stand out.

Zizanie is an ode to hedonism, a reflection of the way we see the world, of our philosophy and lifestyles. 

We believe everyday should be celebrated, and our pieces will make you bring the party wherever you go.